Exclusion Zone Tour: The mysteries of Chernobyl

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The Exclusion Zone is one of the most interesting places in Ukraine, someone calls such visits extreme tourism, and someone calls it nuclear tourism.

This territory behind the barbed wire fencewith checkpoints on all possible routes,has been keeping its secrets for 30 years and opens them only to those daredevils who decide to enter its borders.

When you are in the Exclusion Zone, you will see objects that are unmatched around the world.

Our guides will tell you the details of one of the worst technogenic catastrophes in the world: problems, consequences, ways of overcoming and will answer all questions.

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Meeting place and time:

Kyiv, Minska metro station
The meeting is from 7:30. Departure at 8:00.It's important to be late - the bus leaves at exactly 8:00.

Tour cost:

For the citizens of Ukraine - 1250 UAH.
For citizens of other countries - 2450 UAH.

The excursion includes:

Kiev-Chernobyl-Kiev transportation, insurance, individual dosimetric control, all formal permissions, excursion guidance, visiting of the "Star Wormwood" Museum


Visiting applications are accepted for citizens of Ukraine no later than one week before the visit, for foreign citizens not later than two weeks before the visit.

Main requirements :

You MUST be sure to have your original passport with all your age pictures.

Visitors' clothing should cover all parts of the body as long as possible, long sleeves are required. Shoes should also be closed.

It is forbidden to drink alcohol before and during your tour.

DO NOT carry any type of weapon. Smoking is only allowed in designated areas.

DO NOT take pictures without the permission of the attendant.

Only persons over 18 years old are allowed to enter the exclusion zone to comply with radiation safety rules.

By following the simple rules of radiation safety, there is no risk to life and health.

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